Wireless Communications & Networking


Department of Electrical Engineering


Wireless Communications and Networking Laboratory @ PennState

WCAN@PSU is a research group that consists of Prof. Aylin Yener and her research students and has been residing at the Electrical Engineering Department at Penn State since January 2002.

WCAN members' designations range from undergraduate honor's students to postdoctoral research associates and visiting scholars. Our research interests are in Wireless Communication Theory, Information Theory and Wireless Networking. The mission of WCAN@PSU is to conduct fundamental research to achieve high capacity, highly reliable, secure communication through the radio channel. Specifically, we devise the design principles of next generation wireless networks from physical layer up. Our current research interests include various aspects of Network Science, Information Theoretic Security, Energy Harvesting Green Communications, and Fundamentals of Interference Networks. The research at WCAN is currently supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) from various programs (CNS, CCF, SaTC), as well as the Army Research Laboratory through the Network Science Collaborative Technology Alliance. Our past sponsors include DARPA, NIOSH, Networking and Security Research Center, Ben Franklin Technology Partners, Pittsburgh Digital Greenhouse, Pennsylvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance, Raytheon, and USMC/PTI.

For more information about our research, projects and publications, please visit our pages or contact Aylin Yener (yenerATeeDOTpsuDOTedu). If you are an applicant, please read this first.



Members (April 2019) (left to right): Malak Shah, Abdelrahman Ibrahim, Prof. Aylin Yener, Ahmed Zewail, Shiyang Leng, Alyshia Dann.